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Audrey lightly bit down on her bottom lip as she watched Percy taste the freshly baked scone. A soft hum came from his throat after initial taste, followed by an enthused appraisal, causing an uplift of Audrey’s lips. “You really like them?” she asked, feeling a twinge of pride go through her before she raised her shoulders in a shrug, setting the plate back down and reaching for the plastic wrap. “My grandmother taught me.. I don’t really know what to else to add besides that.” She chuckled lightly. “I’m pleased you like them, though, I’m..kinda nervous about today…”

Percy gave her a genuine smile and nodded. “I really do like them.” He said, smiling. “Well, my compliments to you and your grandmother.” He said. “She taught you well. And don’t be nervous. You have no reason to be. Everything will be fine.” He assured her.

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Audrey looked back and gave him another grin, hoping he’d say that, before stopping next to the large plate containing her afternoon treats. “I figured it’d be fair,” she said, lifting it off the counter and holding it out toward Percy for him to choose, “since I sorta did the same for you.” The scones weren’t anything of the unnatural nature, nor was it even a new recipe, but Audrey wanted them to be perfect, nervous enough as it is to also have worry about whether or not they turned out to be satisfactory. “They’re blueberry. I figured that might be the safest… Plus they’re Mandy’s favourite.” She had made sure to make a few extra for her friend and put them aside, intending to give them to her tomorrow at work, knowing she’d appreciate it.

Percy picked a scone off the plate and smiled his thanks. He took a bite and closed his eyes, savouring the delicious treat. “Mmmm…” He said. Merlin, she could definitely make scones! After swallowing, Percy opened his eyes and looked at her. “One bite in and I don’t want to stop eating. These are amazing!” He said. “How do you do it?” Surely, she was a miracle worker.

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In hardly any time at all there came a knock at Audrey’s door and she swiftly went to open it. An immediate, warm grin spread across her pink lips as she saw Percy standing there, momentarily forgetting her nerves. “Hey there,” she greeted before stepping out of the way to allow him room to enter. “Come on in.” She started to move back to kitchen, talking over her shoulder as she walked. “I’m just about ready, I just need to borrow your taste buds for a quick second.”

"Hey." Percy said, as he walked inside. "Thank you." He then smiled. "Well, I’m more than happy to volunteer if it involves taste testing." Eating was definitely something he enjoyed. He was a Weasley after all, and they had a love for food. "If they taste as good as they smell, I’m sure they’ll be delicious."

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Audrey was just putting the scones onto one of her better-looking plates when she heard a loud whack at the window causing her to jump and drop a scone back onto the rack. Going over to investigate she saw a rather large owl shaking its head, a letter clasped by its beak, looking a bit disoriented. Audrey recognised it to be Percy’s owl and opened the window, letting it hop inside.

Tink let out a high pitch twitter and flew down from her perch to greet the other owl while Audrey read the small note. A small chuckle escaped her lips before she went to her desk and pulled out a pen and paper.

I would just meet you there, however, there is the slight issue where I’m not exactly sure where your parents live…

She folded the paper and held it out for the larger bird to take. Tink, however, thought it was for her and tried to snatch it, apparently eager to help.

"No, no, Tink," Audrey said, laughing quietly, "not for you. Not this time." Errol took the note and this time flew more gracefully out through the window.

With a deep breath, watching the owl fly away, Audrey turned and went back to tend the cooling scones.

Percy had been waiting for the return owl, and as soon as he saw it, he read her message. Smiling, he owled his mother saying they’d arrive shortly and then he apparated to Audrey’s place and knocked. He could smell freshly baked scones as he stood on her doorstep and they smelled amazing.

If they tasted anywhere near as amazing as they smelled, they were all in for a treat.

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Percy had made good on his promise. His ‘I’ll see you soon' was followed soon after by an unfamiliar owl, carrying a note saying that the date was set. Part of her had been shocked when it arrived, like she still waiting for him to drift away, never to be heard or seen from again. Merlin knows how long it took for her to accept that Mandy was sticking around…

Now the day had arrived, and Audrey couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous. What if his parents didn’t like her? That seemed to be the most immediate concern. Along with: What if they asked her personal questions; ones that she couldn’t answer? What then?

But she reminded herself. This was for Percy. She was doing this for him. Backing out now wasn’t an option.

She pulled out a pan of scones from the oven. The smell of fresh cooked bread and blueberries rolled out and mixed with the surrounding air.

Besides, how bad could it go?

Audrey bit her lip. She didn’t want to think about that.

Percy wasn’t anywhere near as nervous as Audrey. He probably should be, but he wasn’t. His mother had already asked him probably every single question she could think of about Audrey, and he’d answered to the best of his ability.

He had also made it clear to Molly that while he was very fond of Audrey, that they had set the parameters of their relationship quite clearly, and they were just friends. He didn’t want Molly making any assumptions, or pressuring Audrey into something she wasn’t ready for. His mother had reluctantly accepted it, but he could tell Molly wasn’t happy about it.

Arthur, however, was quite pleased to find out that Audrey was muggleborn and couldn’t wait to ask her a plethora of questions about muggles and their world. He had already prepared quite the list of questions, much to Percy’s dismay.

Percy had gotten ready early, but he wasn’t sure if Audrey wanted to meet him there, or if she wanted them to head over together. So, he sent off another owl. The message was short but to the point. Do you want to meet at the Burrow, or would you like me to come over and go with you?

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It was a worth a shot. How good of you to notice. I was wondering when we’d get to that. I thought you were the one who paid attention to detail.

Yeah, well I’ve been a bit…distracted. Never mind. What happened? How are you alive? I mean, it’s bloody fantastic to see you, but how is it possible? Not that anything surprises me anymore, really.

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I’ll reply to Minerva on Molly tomorrow. Promise. <3

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Nice try, but I’d rather not scare her away. I don’t have very many friends, and she’s one I definitely don’t want to lose.

………Wait, aren’t you supposed to be dead?!?!

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Anonymous asked:

Perccccccccccccccy, kiss the girl. You know you wanna. Go on. Do it, do it!

Audrey and I are friends. I’m certainly not going to do anything that is going to ruin that. 

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Percy pointed out the late hour with realisation, and Audrey immediately checked her watch. Huh. This was the second time she had lost track of time being around him. She wasn’t used to that,—but she wasn’t sure that she minded all that much, either.

The corners of her lips lifted into a smile and she nodded. “Alright,” she agreed, expecting him to Disapparate then but he turned to her and thanked her. Her smile grew, looking down when her cheeks flushed lightly. “You were the one who came to seek me out, remember? And made our lovely lunch.” Her light eyes found his again. “I should be the one thanking you.—I had a really great time, too. Thank you for thinking of me. It was sweet.”

He nodded. She had a point, but still. She didn’t have to agree to have lunch with him. “I’m glad you did. And you’re very welcome.” He said, with a shy smile. “I’ll see you soon.” He was definitely looking forward to seeing her again. He disapparated, leaving her place and going back to his, wrapping up the day. What he’d thought was a not so perfect picnic had turned out to be pretty perfect after all.