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"Oh, um..o-okay," Audrey muttered awkwardly, her shyness coming out clearly then. She was brought up to use such formalities, especially to her elders, so, naturally, it made her a little hesitant. But, not wishing to offend, Audrey would try to acquiesce her request.

Audrey looked down in attempt to spare Percy from some of the embarrassed his mother’s otherwise harmless comment caused. It wasn’t anything new to her, Percy had already told her that he didn’t have many friends—a thing they had in common—, but she could tell it bothered him. Molly answered her then, and Audrey raised her gaze to the older woman. “Yes,” she agreed quietly, trying not to think how awful it would’ve been if he had not woken up. Thankfully, Molly seemed keen to put subject to rest and began to usher them further into the house.
However, her comment made Audrey bite her lip. She had picked this time, in between lunch and dinner, so there wouldn’t be unnecessary niceties or obligations, but apparently her planning had been futile.

Moving to follow Percy stopped her with a protest to her earlier comment and soon had Audrey blushing a light pink. “Over-embellishment,” she repeated insistently, but returned his smile all the same, and walked after Molly, taking in the atmosphere as she went.

Which included the heavenly smell that just about overwhelmed Audrey’s senses taking in its aroma. When Percy had mentioned Molly was a good cook he wasn’t kidding, and even though she felt kinda guilty for causing her to think that she had to cook for her, she hoped to try whatever smelled so good.

"Um, where do you think I should put the scones?" she asked Percy as they entered the dining room. "Or should I ask?"

Percy met Audrey’s gaze, sensing her discomfort. As Molly walked into the dining room, Percy offered Audrey a small smile. “Don’t worry. Mum goes overboard for everyone. She can’t help it. She doesn’t know how to cook a small meal, even. Every meal is a production in this house.” He said, with a slight chuckle. “It sure does keep things interesting. And I didn’t over-embellish anything.” He argued. 

As they headed into the dining room, Percy took in the scent of his mother’s cooking. He didn’t think there was any better scent. He glanced at Audrey upon hearing her question. “Just set them on the table.” He said. “Uh, Mum? Audrey was kind enough to bring some scones.” Percy said.

Molly turned from her position setting the table and looked at Audrey. “Oh! How sweet!” She said, cheerfully. “I can’t wait to try them. I just hope you didn’t go to any trouble on our account.” She told her. Percy rolled his eyes. His mother was something else. 

"Mum, why don’t you let me finish setting the table, and you go finish dinner?" He offered. "Oh, thank you, dear. It won’t be long." Molly said, with a smile as she disappeared into the kitchen.

Shaking his head, Percy continued setting the table. His family sure was…intense at times, but he didn’t know where he’d be without them. “Sorry about that.” He mumbled.

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They hadn’t gotten far before Mrs. Weasley came to them. Immediately, she took her boy into her arms, and for the first time, watching the pair, Audrey realised how lanky Percy actually was. Or maybe it had just been the contrast between mother and son, but he had to hunch over to allow Molly’s arms to snake around him. Although, the imagine brought a small smile to Audrey’s lips, Audrey was trying her best not to let her thoughts travel to where she couldn’t afford to lose them right now so she glanced away from their shared moment—it not being her place, anyhow—before she was addressed.

Audrey placed a polite smile on her lips as she was introduced to Molly. “Hello, Mrs. Weasley,” she responded, relieved it hadn’t come out shaky or anything of that embarrassing nature. Maybe she could handle this after all.

Audrey blinked. Molly Weasley had heard so much about her? Audrey’s blue hues were on Percy in a slightly-distressed glance before his mother could even get out that he had apparently embellished her character. She relaxed after that, her momentary panic being turned bashful. “Well, putting his over-embellishment of me aside, your son’s been nothing but lovely company to keep,” she stated, smiling at him before turning back to Molly. “Yes, ma’am. I - Your other son was placed under my care while he was there.” Audrey was actually surprised she recognised her, knowing how distraught she had been then, but also, as said before, she was not used to people recogising her.

Molly shook her head. “Oh, no dear, please, no need to be so formal. Call me Molly.” She insisted, with a warm smile. Her smile brightened at Audrey’s words. “Oh, I’m so glad to hear that. It’s nice to see Percy have friends.”

"Mum!" He muttered, embarrassed. It wasn’t as if he’d never had friends. He just wasn’t as social as his siblings. "Sorry, dear." Molly said. Turning back to Audrey she nodded. "Yes, I remember. It was a troubling time, but everything worked out, thankfully." She said.

"So, come in you two, come into the dining room. Dinner is just about ready. I hope you brought your appetites, because I made plenty." She told them. Percy rolled his eyes. That was an understatement. Molly always made enough to feed a small army, and they always had leftovers.

As Molly headed for the dining room, Percy glanced at Audrey. “Everything I told her was true. I didn’t embellish anything.” He protested. “I just told her how amazing you’ve been, and that you’ve been a great friend.” He said, with a sincere smile.

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Audrey’s smile brightened at Percy’s response, encouraging him, and her hand slipped from his shoulder back to her scone-filled plate, ready to follow into the home after him. 

Percy didn’t bother knocking, but instead called out, alerting the homeowners of their presence once they stepped through threshold.
Was that a normal thing to do when entering your parents house, Audrey didn’t know; she didn’t bring it up, but instead moved out of the way of the door so Percy could shut it behind them.

The room that they now stood in had an extremely homey feel to it. Furniture mitched-matched; colourful afghans; beaten throw pillows strewn all around, looking anything but out of place. But what really caught and held Audrey’s attention was the small piles of books that littered the rug and the coffee tables. They spiked her curiosity, causing her to wonder what their many pages held, and if it would show her insight on the people who owned them.

Though, she’d soon find out anyway for Percy was ushering her to follow him, no doubt planning to lead her to the reason they came here. Audrey took a silent, bracing breath and walked up behind the redhead, trailing.

Molly Weasley had been busy all day preparing the meal. She loved cooking, of course, so it was no problem. When Percy told her he was bringing a friend for dinner, she immediately had bombarded him with questions. Her son didn’t have very many friends, so of course Molly was going to be curious. Percy had been slightly annoyed at his mother’s interrogation, but had expected it. He patiently explained about Audrey and Molly had been looking forward to her visit ever since.

Now, upon hearing her son’s voice, she left the kitchen and entered the sitting room. “Percy! Oh, it’s wonderful to see you!” Molly said, embracing her son. Percy returned the embrace. “Hello, Mum. It’s wonderful to see you too.” He said, smiling. “Mum, there’s someone I’d like you to meet. This is my friend, Audrey Meadows. Audrey, this is my mother, Molly Weasley.” He said.

Molly pulled away from embracing her son to look at the girl. “Oh. Hello.” She said, with a warm smile. “I’ve heard so much about you! Percy told me how wonderful you are. I’m so grateful that you’ve been so kind to him.” She then looked at her a bit closer. “Wait…I remember you. You work at St. Mungo’s don’t you? I’ve seen you before.”

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They were almost to the front door when Percy’s personal wall came down and started verbally beating on himself for his past. Not that it was all that unexpected, for he had done so before, but it always hurt Audrey a little to hear that self-loathing vibrate through his voice.


"I know," she said quietly, wishing she could just take his pain away. Unfortunately, it was never that simple.

Steadying the plate in her right, her left hand went to Percy’s bicep, resting gently there in a form of comfort. “What matters now is that you do realise,” she told him, “and you’re doing something about it. Showing up here today..bringing me along,” she smiled slightly. “You’re taking your past and burying it, outwardly stating this is who you are now.—That’s all you can do.” The corner of her lips rose in another smile, hoping it would be contagious and he’d realise the truth in her words. Anything to keep him falling into remission.

"Come now," she suggested, adding in a small joke to lighten the mood, "lets go inside before I lose my nerve and run off."

Percy looked at her. She was right, he knew she was. He only wished it was that simple. He wished that, knowing that could make everything okay. He wasn’t going to be able to forgive himself, to let go of the past overnight. But, maybe this was a step in the right direction. Maybe he just needed to stop looking back. As she smiled, he couldn’t help returning the smile.

Laughing slightly, Percy shook his head. “We wouldn’t want that.” He replied. “Alright.” He raised his hand to the door handle and opened it, knowing Molly would throw a fit if he even thought of knocking. He didn’t want one of his mother’s lectures about how this was his home even if he didn’t live there. “Mum? Dad?” He called out as he stepped inside and waited for Audrey to follow. He assumed Molly was in the kitchen, as he could smell the wonderful aroma of her cooking instantly.

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Percy came up beside her, and together they walked down a beaten down path toward the house.

Audrey found herself closing her eyes for moments at a time, allowing her other senses to fully intake the beautiful atmosphere that lay there. Feeling the warm sunlight soak through her skin, while the slight wind swept over it. Or the tall grass brush against her ankles and calves; the clean smell that graced her nose, instead of the polluted air that accompanied the city life. It reminded her of the parks she often liked to visit, which made her relax and momentarily forget what loomed ahead.

She was almost too distracted to register that Percy was speaking now, but she pulled herself away from the physical pleasantries, so as not to ignore her friend, and gave him her attention.

She gave her response a little bit of thought before piping up. “I suppose it is, yes…” She paused, struggling just slightly at keeping a placid expression. “Maybe we ought to learn to appreciate what we have, while we still have it.” That was definitely something she tried to live by, knowing first hand what it felt like to loose something precious, not by choice, but believing that she might not have been as grateful as she could have been.

It was in short, quiet moments like this, that Percy simply just stared at land where the Burrow was housed and just took it all in. Everything he’d once walked away from, so easily turning his back. It gave him a renewed appreciation for it now. The memories of his childhood, some good and some not replayed in his head, and Percy realised that he wouldn’t change any of them, not even the bad ones. They all made him the man he was today.

He decided to sneak a glance at Audrey, when he noticed it was taking her a little bit to respond. He wondered what she was thinking about. He nodded in response when she finally spoke. “I certainly have, believe me. All of this…to imagine that I was so…selfish, so wrapped up in myself and my…pompous, arrogant, pride that I couldn’t realise that my family loved me…” He trailed off. Letting out a deep sigh, he turned to her. “I lost so much time. I still feel like I’m making up for that, you know?”

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Audrey glanced over at him, and for a moment, stayed silent as her blue eyes studied his profile, only to divert the gaze when he caught her in the act. Looking off at the house again, it came to her attention then that they were still linked, and at the thought that he might like his hand back, Audrey gently pulled her hand from his, placing it under the plate she held with her other.

"I think it’s grand," she murmured honestly, a small smile playing on her lips as she started forward. However, after a few steps, she turned back to him and asked, eyebrows raised, "Aren’t you coming?"

Percy smiled shyly at her when he saw her looking intently at him. When she looked away, he followed her gaze to the house. “What? Oh, yeah.” He said, nodding. He followed her and headed along the path that lead to his childhood home. As he did, he thought about the many memories of the past. Some good and some bad, but all were part of his life. This was truly home, and it was the one place he would always cherish in his heart.

"I used to…" He trailed off searching for the right words. "When I was growing up, I couldn’t wait to leave. To get as far away from here as possible. I was miserable. I thought that there was so much more out there, and I couldn’t wait to see it. And now…I miss this so much. Ironic, isn’t it? How sometimes you don’t realize what you had until you give it up?"

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Audrey looked at his outstretched hand before placing her own in it, taking a deep breath in preparation of the journey. Within moments Percy’s arm did a harsh tug, pulling her along, and allowed the darkness to swallow them both up and spit them out in an entire new location.

The first sign of the new place that was brought to Audrey’s attention was the cold breeze, rustling through her hair and making her to shiver slightly. They were in a field, the tall, green grass surrounding the pair, with a towering house a short distance away. “This is where you grew up?” Audrey asked, a smile growing on her lips as she took it all in. It wasn’t much, but it looked wonderful to Audrey. It appeared to be so peaceful, with not a neighbor in sight, nor with city lights or noises. It was relaxed.

Percy felt a wave of warmth flow through him as her hand met his, but he decided it was just his imagination. In moments, they had left and were now standing in their new location. The Burrow. Home. Despite the fact that he’d moved out long ago, this place would always be home. Looking around, he was happy to see it hadn’t changed much. To many outsiders it would seem as though it wasn’t much of a house. It was held together purely by magic, and well…it certainly wasn’t glamourous, but none of the Weasley’s cared.

Percy nodded at her words. “This is the Burrow. I know it’s…not much, but it’s home.” He said, a sense of pride in his voice that he wouldn’t have had a year ago. He had been through a lot and it had taught him to be proud of who he was and where he came from.

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"I know, it’s irrational," she said, tucking her long, blonde locks behind her ear before finishing off the wrapping. "I’m not sure why I am… Maybe it’s just because I haven’t met many parents." That was the most logical and generalized solution she could think of to say, it just being something she wasn’t used to, leaving her at a loss with how to act. Well, that, and the fact that she was no Social Butterfly. "Well, I guess I’m ready as I’ll ever be," she said with a small smile plastered on her lips as she slung her beige purse over her shoulder and gathered the plate of scones into one arm. "Shall we?"

"It’s not irrational. It’s a normal thing to be nervous about." He insisted. He understood her concerns, because he knew, if the positions were reversed, he would feel quite the same. But, his parents weren’t like most others. And he wasn’t sure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. His lips curved into a smile as he nodded his head. "We shall." He offered her his hand, prepared to apparate.

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Audrey lightly bit down on her bottom lip as she watched Percy taste the freshly baked scone. A soft hum came from his throat after initial taste, followed by an enthused appraisal, causing an uplift of Audrey’s lips. “You really like them?” she asked, feeling a twinge of pride go through her before she raised her shoulders in a shrug, setting the plate back down and reaching for the plastic wrap. “My grandmother taught me.. I don’t really know what to else to add besides that.” She chuckled lightly. “I’m pleased you like them, though, I’m..kinda nervous about today…”

Percy gave her a genuine smile and nodded. “I really do like them.” He said, smiling. “Well, my compliments to you and your grandmother.” He said. “She taught you well. And don’t be nervous. You have no reason to be. Everything will be fine.” He assured her.